Saturday, November 2, 2019

Social work essay- community care and vulnerable user groups Essay

Social work - community care and vulnerable user groups - Essay Example Health care provisioning in Scotland has been integrated at both the basic primary level and the advanced secondary stage. Moreover, for ease of convenience and excellence in health services delivery, the regional boards have narrowed down to provide the services at community level. Localized subgroups of community health partnerships are very effective in health care provision at the ground level here. All classes of health workers are well represented in the healthcare framework in Scotland. Also in existence are the â€Å"extended community care teams† who work hand in hand with the system of health care and social care teams. They were introduced to ensure the effectiveness of service delivery and management of resources to ensure equitable and efficient utilization of resources at the community level. The health care provisions have been centralized as regards the funding. It is the role of the government to fund the services and as such, the public health care is free. H owever, this does not refute the existence of private sector in medical healthcare provision in Scotland. There is equally a well-pronounced private healthcare system in the country, which helps regulate the public sector and thus control monopoly. The nationals are thus not restricted to the choice of the services that are wholly offered by the public system (Gibbins, 2007, 1-5). These are strategic for those who require the hospitalization services or well too those who cannot access the community health care services when needed. Therefore, the public hospital system, the community based care system and the private sector work hand in hand to guarantee basic health care to the population of Scotland. The NHS (National Healthcare System), providers are commissioned to provide high quality services to the deserving population. By quality, the sector is expected to offer safe, efficient and patient sensitive services. According to â€Å"a Health Services

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