Sunday, February 2, 2020

A comparative analysis of international business environment in china Essay

A comparative analysis of international business environment in china and russia to determine which of these countries is in better position to succeed in the new global economy - Essay Example In light of this, globalization refers to the progression towards unifying business interactions across the global platform as opposed to within a given country or organization’s locality. It is the framework upon which international business is structured, and is the direction that business transactions are taking in recent times. However, there are various conditions that define the international business environment, and as such, this affects the success rates of various nations in succeeding in the new global economy. To this end, a comparative evaluation between Russia and China can highlight their viability in the new global economy. As such, Russia stands a better chance of succeeding in the international business environment and being the future of the new global economy when analyzed against China. For a start, Russia’s foray into the international platform started with its rich history as highlighted by its supremacy during the cold war. The cold war was a period of military and power tussle between the countries of the eastern and western blocks after the end of the 2nd World War (Bellacqua 2010, p. 99). The Western Bloc was largely represented by the United States while the Eastern Bloc was represented by Russia, then known as the USSR, and its allies. The cold war was largely psychological and never developed into a full-blown war. However, by being part of it, Russia gained a lot of exposure and experience in worldly relations and overall familiarity with international participation in matters of both national and international interest (Levin 2008, p. 154). As such, this gives it a much needed head start in being a globalization and international business powerhouse, as it has better experience in international relations. In order to succeed in globalization, inte rnational relations is of particularly significant importance as international business involved relations between nations and regions in

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